Came after the Church

Fu Bao Zheng Yu sentenced to life imprisonment , the remainder returned to the government all property Yingying Qi , after such a verdict , they retreat , while the remainder rich insight sinful , they did not plead innocence , but he was locked in before prison , I implore Bao Zheng sure to kill his daughter’s killer found.

And this , even if I do not say rich , Bao Zheng also must be done.

Came after the Church , the people have some desolate look , which is desolate look sweat a lined face , seemed to be somewhat nondescript , we looked each other , but no one is opening .

Bao Zheng frowned, because he may face is too dark , so not very obvious, after a long time , Bao Zheng stared Coach factory, asked the brothers to spend , do you think killed余婷婷murderer would be a kind of person that in abundance in the end there is no possible ?

Coach factory helpless shrug , he did not know that the middle of the night , a small alley is secluded , no one has seen murderers , only from Yu Tingting body injury , which could see the murderer is a kind of person ?

But although see , Coach factory or said if the killer is not in abundance , why kill余婷婷he does, from余婷婷body injury , the possibility to vent their anger is the largest , while if to vent their anger , then the murderer will certainly hate very Yu Tingting , so we need to know what offended Yu Tingting in the end , of course , for the survey in abundance , nor less.

From Yu Tingting who investigated some difficulty for them , and now , as far as they know, the man has a relationship with Yu Tingting Lu Ming and on only two years of abundance , but they do not have proof that they are killers .

And after the Ruyi stolen for coach

I will then do all the rich confessed .

That year, he coveted the value that Ruyi , they take advantage of neat to see far sleeping on the occasion, the Ruyi to steal it.

And after the Ruyi stolen, Sarkozy will see far with his friend that lawsuit , originally , Fu Yu Ruyi also secretly want to go back , but in the court , when I found neat to see the rich color increasingly distant worse , likely died because of that , so he thought, and suddenly had a very bold idea .

If Qi see far because this thing is dead , he can slowly grasp Sarkozy government property , at that time , he was no longer just a housekeeper and Guye it.

Seek wealth and risk , with this idea after I put Ruyi rich reservoirs more secretive , while things as he had expected it, Sarkozy lost the lawsuit see far , almost vomit blood gas , then it is a serious illness not only they died.

Fu Yu said after these things out , looking Yingying Qi asked how do you know that I stole Ruyi ‘s ?

Yingying Qi long time in silence , both of whom are husband and wife , after all , to the point where now the downtown , it is that they did not think that she can not say .

Is Tingting told me.

Only this sentence , would be sufficient to allow Yu Fuming White , he did tell Tingting , but at that time , Tingting also very small, he could not help but want to show off to his daughter , so they put out to Ruyi Yu Tingting see, he thought Yu Tingting will soon forget this thing , but he was wrong.

And Coach factory , who after hearing these words, also suddenly realize that as何余富room to turn in余婷婷stop the stealing Ruyi is the thief who , knowing Ruyi Yu Tingting one person only , I rich in mind, he will certainly be the one who finds Yu Tingting stolen Ruyi person.

Coach factory just a faint smile

Chu Yu Fuqing very , Ruyi While whole body through the white , the above is no sign , Coach factory a person who does not understand the details , how to prove it Ruyi stolen his father that it?

I respect the rich really triumphant moment , Coach factory just a faint smile , since I will catch you come , naturally there is some evidence there please his wife .

Carter, a woman begins behind the lobby came out , when I saw the woman after the rich , his face suddenly changed, Qi Yingying appear here, is that he absolutely did not expect.

After seeing Yingying Qi , Yu Fu quickly said his wife , how do you here , you quickly proved that this Ruyi is where I bought from a businessmen , hurry up .

Yu Fu said eagerly , but can calmly Yingying Qi , came on top of the lobby knees , bowed to Bao Zheng adult channel package , which Ruyi is indeed a piece of my father’s friend , then suddenly stolen by unknown disappeared , my father and therefore expired , I really did not expect , when the thief turned out to be ……

Yingying Qi , then did not finish, can we all already know , but this time more than the rich , has been completely lost hope .

At this time, people were surprised to watch the outside , which Ms. Yu Fude Qi Yingying how will suddenly appear in the lobby , and this point is Coach factory that is , when monitoring more than rich shade no mistake, Coach factory suddenly thought , when the case is not a lot of insiders , more than in the whole house , I’m afraid only one who knows this Yingying Qi .

If Sarkozy Yingying that harm her bedridden father died last Ruyi was stolen more than the rich , how would she do ?

When she saw the face more than the rich , and therefore she will not retaliate more than the rich do ?

Coach factory plans to shade his error

Ali left , Coach factory plans to shade his error and Winter Dreams Waner they spend a few people say that after they heard several people , I feel that this account is very wonderful .

And when it was agreed that Coach factory ‘s plan , they split up , quietly sneaked into the wrong shade no more than the government, to monitor every move of the rich more than if he had reacted immediately scored .

Here , Coach factory Yu Tingting , who continue to search for clues to the murder .

At dusk, sunset touch the horizon , according to an afterglow entire Strip , Tianchang County people at this time are from the house came out , then stall stall , to buy things to buy things, easygoing self Happy.

Yin Yu error hidden in the house , pay attention to the rich than every move, this time, I see no one around the rich ,余婷婷quietly into the room , and then turn came to go in there , and finally found a bottom of a cupboard box , see that box after I was very excited about the rich , he opened the box and saw the inside of the Ruyi, would be more excited.

May after the excitement, eyes being more than the rich from a sudden flash of light to hate , with trembling hands , he will Ruyi took out of the box , and then aloft, which will be struggling to fall , he wants to Ruyi throw these pieces.

Seeing Ruyi would fall from the hands of the rich I , at this time , a sudden gust of wind blowing , I do not understand is how rich it is, then suddenly his hand to pinch a person , and his hands Ruyi , this time also has come to the man’s hands.
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Yu Tingting really pungent overbearing

In Feng repeatedly shook his head and said it was not like this , Yu Tingting really pungent overbearing, everything must be agreed with her ​​, when we meet, what to do after the meeting , what to eat, had to listen to her , and, she told me be beaten at every turn , it is not we just know it ‘s tenderness , you say, what is she this is not a forceful , more hateful, almost equal to me in recent days he married her , this woman , I’m married to you so , that night she invited me to discuss this matter, I really can not stand her , this escape.

Listening in abundance , then surprised everyone , Does he not fled to escape , but they were afraid Yu Tingting forced marriages ?

But things like this?

In Feng Yu Tingting forced marriage is not because it escaped Coach factory does not know, but in Feng Shui Yu Tingting pungent overbearing , but it is not false , and if the day together with such a woman , a man can not stand , let alone if really married her such a rich princess , such as money in abundance of poor scholar , was afraid to do the dirty looks, to be treated as a woman by eating bitch , right ?

Although only Coach factory sympathy in abundance , but it is not able to give the pity , because it everything he asked for it, in case people do not understand the woman gave the girl broke the body, in the end, actually do not want to responsibly this man , is itself a problem.

And, in that he did not kill Yu Tingting Feng , who believe in it, at least this time , Coach factory they did not believe .
Because you can not give evidence in abundance to prove Yu Tingting was killed that night , but he did not keep the appointment ready flee from Tianchang County , so Bao Zheng temporarily Nianfeng charge into the jail .
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After a moment later, continued in abundance at first

It is a long time, answered back in abundance before opening adults , night Yu Tingting is really about me , you can …… may be about ah no niche , niche …… niche escape.

These things make it difficult to understand, there is not a man yet Touxing this world ? Women line is so good about the man , the man eventually miss it , this man is too stupid or do not have that ability ?

You escape ? Why do you want to escape , since you ‘ve broken body, why should escape ? Bao Zheng angrily , because he felt like a man in such abundance , too irresponsible .

I looked in rich abundance , this opening replied back pack adults really not Xiangman niche reason to flee , it is not able to endure the oppression Yu Tingting ah.

Heard in abundance so that all the people were somewhat puzzled , he was a man, Yu Tingting how to oppress him ? This clearly is making excuses for their irresponsible .

After a moment later, continued in abundance at first , I told Lu Ming Tea in the encounter, they usually prefer tea niche , most research on tea that day, I spoke with a lot tea ceremony , the two of us talked niche Dunjue this woman is extremely particular about tea , for which I have repeatedly communicate with them , and slowly they also had a feeling that the last thing that happened, but since both of us that , Yu Tingting just a different person , use one word to describe her is pungent .

See in abundance so said his daughter , Yingying Qi hard to hold back , said what my daughter pungent , obviously you guys inconstant , played with my daughter , and then he wanted to abandon her , see her throw off it cruel to kill .

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Coach factory quickly took him to the county

See Nianfeng identity brought to light, it will have to flee , but he was about to escape , he was being beat up Qinzhu no wrong shade , and in abundance look like bitter , watching Lu Ming Luxiong Luxiong , but you betrayed me ah, you …… you …… Oh ! Nianfeng very helpless , can only sigh to finally end his discourse .

Caught in abundance , Coach factory quickly took him to the county government, although the road is very hot , but it also makes people excited, and now caught in abundance , and some things can not be explained , there will have to explain it.

Came to the county government , Bao Zheng flew Shengtang hear a case , Bao Zheng sitting on top of the lobby , and that more than the rich , and Qi Li Yingying Coach factory and others on one side more than the rich , and Qi Feng Yingying two years later to see , it shall immediately forward to kick his feet , giving him twice , so he suffered torture , but this is the court of law , both of them in abundance even then hate , only endured.

Bao Zheng looked under Church in abundance , said in abundance , how soon will you kill Yu Tingting Road to the issue , or the adults Xiuguai ruthless .

After hear the words of Bao Zheng , suddenly surprised in abundance , said adults ,Does Yu Ting Ting dead ?

See all in abundance ask such a case, it is strange, is not in abundance Yu Tingting killed ?

Bao Zheng Yu Tingting cold smile kill you , but now I have to ask Yu Tingting dead good at acting prisoners.

Listen to words in abundance , scared badly, quickly bowed and said adults Ming-jian, niche really do not know Yu Tingting is dead , but did not kill her ah.

Bao Zheng not want to say useless nonsense, and that Yu Tingting asked you whether fornication , whether to her body ?

In Feng hesitated for a long time and then nodded yes, I did have intimate relations with her. Nianfeng finished, I finally could not stand this shame -rich , approached kicked him in the years of abundance , in abundance was kicked to the ground , you can still fight back , but I did not kill Yu Tingting Road .

Two runners will pull down more than the rich , Bao Zheng Yu Tingting asked coldly killed that night , in the West alley, so late in the day , she was a woman of about do not you?

HSBC is the look of panic in the beginning , a long time without a word, Bao Zheng Seeing this , angrily answered truthfully , or Oibara serve.

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Tianchang County on the outskirts of the heat anomaly

Shortly after noon , Tianchang County on the outskirts of the heat anomaly .

Who feels the heat on their way at this time is a fool.

This world is that there may be a fool , a frail scholar , carrying a burden , hurried away from Tianchang County , like wild beasts like tigers county everlasting .

He Huangbuzelu , there are several almost fell to the ground , his face streaming with sweat , gone , but he refused to rub , just hurry hurry.

At this time , since a sudden breeze skipped scholar ear , to be that people react Mo Yang scholar , he has been standing in front of a person , that person look aloof , and looked into with contempt , did not seem to be this scholar looked down .

Some scholars see the highway , suddenly surprised, but he did not want to stir up trouble , so he wanted to spare in the past , may be this time , stopped him cold smile, said you but in abundance ?

Scholar surprised, eyeball a slight turn, said Xiongtai the wrong person , I am not in abundance .

At the time that the student had just said to want to leave again, and suddenly a voice came from that he is a scholar back in abundance , you quickly grabbed him .

The speaker is Lu Ming , while Lu Ming side, there are Coach factory Wen et al dream , of course , who stopped in abundance naturally cloudy no wrong.

See Lu Ming has been confirmed , overcast cold smile no wrong since you are in abundance , please tell us to go Yamen it !

Coach factory outlet online sale fill it along to throw a large iron gate

ring the terrible ten minutes, do not know why, do not know how to think, to think of the dog body.
Lulu They recently raised a large Tibetan mastiff, this is a whole Fangjia Huang towards people know things have nothing to do anyway, forget, or to prepare for their future, give yourself to find something to do, so, Coach go out toward the door from the supermarket to buy Fangjia Huang jin meat, he went to the hotel, so that the people inside the hotel to Coach washed up, take boiled, and cut better, Coach took a broader market, carrying a pot of meat , it wandered into the dormitory door, they looked super Jiang Yan Coach doing it, six brother
Okay, how this big iron gate shut.
Do not shut that out Tibetan mastiff bite ah, Coach go, that big guy, and now Lulu and the last one out of every day Ya dormitory, when the dogs out, feed them every day but also to feed. Can engage in a grand. After the finish, this is what you are pointing at Coach.
Just then it bark, bark bark a huge dog ran over, straining at the iron gate which is called directed at Coach. This big guy, and must have a hundred pounds, looks like a lion that looks really good product phase.
Jiang Yan Chao they quickly go inside their house to go for a walk Coach, six brother, to stay away from him, do not let him give you a look.
Will not. Coach Coach looked fierce expression directed at the big dog, smiled, and put in the hands of the meat, then Coach factory outlet online sale fill it along to throw a large iron gate, Coach saw a large dog, then what put the ground meat, and This dog still wanted to come home with Shen Lin dog has gaps, Shen Lin family dog, feeding others, he does not eat. Coach of the pot of meat, quickly finished feeding, Coach looked at the obvious big dog attitude towards some better Coach, Coach has a hand pointing to it laterCoach nothing to feed on things you remember well, ah, Coach is your master, did not hear. Big Dog has directed Coach exclaimed: demonstrations like the same again.
Coach swore a mother, heartless. Such thing as so much meat, Mom, I do not know Helenians money, help people eliminate it! Grass! Then they put a plate over the door to Jiang Yan side a place, turned away, from this day, Coach basically every day to Coach factory outlet feed the only large Tibetan mastiff, even Coach factory outlet online three p.m., five o’clock, will come Hey, Coach and fed well, are buying all-beef pork, cooked from the door of the hotel, giving it ends back. Of course, Coach is secretly fed, Coach purpose is to buy a good dog, so what’s the future in case things happen, we all know that this is a long process, but Coach plenty of time. Slowly rein in this big dog. Of course, these are the words, and just plain Coach meat every day to feed it, it’s true. Big dog treats Coach’s attitude is getting better, but also true. Coach privately to the big dog played a very domineering name, called domineering! If you buy this big dog, something wicked things after that, it is more convenient.
Hey Coach finished this big dog, hands in pockets, want to go back to sleep yet, just go dormitory door, Coach heard a f

Coach Shendan out that a colorful

A colorful Shendan out from the space inside the ring, all disheveled room full seven-SG, SG also grew out of the window that shines out of it. Oriental baozhu immediately stood outside the window looking into their eyes, I saw Coach hand holding a bead size only son Dan, Dan Son exudes colorful SG, outsideAlso faintly smelled fine fragrant aroma awake people.
I do not know why, Oriental baozhu see Coach Shendan out that a colorful, just the sadness with a trace of a smile. Coach Dan child to look in your mouth, then that is his baby daughter on a pro Fangchun with foul mouth it goes to feed the stomach to go to the East quiet.
After Shendan fed into the stomach Orient quiet, Coach hands and started to give up, and actually put together constantly stroking the chest above the static Orient. Oriental baozhu standing outside looking positive, he wanted to stop Coach rushed indecent assault against his daughter, but the order is very touching to see Coach, is in the palm of her finger to move up in the points.
See what see, do not go and miss the window of the room locked up! Fort Oriental saw several female servants in staring cursed.
Yes, sir!
Subsequently, those maid who is gently shut the windows, let the men see Coach inside out to take advantage of the East quiet. In the end the East still is not really dead? Why Orient baozhu out after no sad? This will not be a scam, right? Whether or not a hoax, Coach short, is a flower Cui residue, this is clear evidence of the fact.
Colorful Shendan was mortal after eating, coupled with infuriating those fairies Coach scattered throughout her body meridians, it is important that her heart cents of it. Let her heart beat up, in the role of these fairies, oriental calm throughout the body begins to flow up the blood vessels, heart from beating too slowly up.
Well, it really has revived the role, yes, she woke me how to say to her last night? Coach felt her heart beating, his mouth murmured.
Control her, anyway, she is my woman, big deal and then a few more times and she is! Coach gently stroking the East still face said.
Somehow, Coach said these words, the East still lying in bed that rosy face, as if to hear Coach just said like. But wonder why she did not wake up yet?
Sitting on the edge of the bed clutching East Coach static whitening hands, he touched while infuriating sent to her, let her body recover quickly. Time After about half an hour later, the East still beautiful eyes finally opened, Coach factory outlet online sale and one can see is that the day after she came back from thinking outside the dream that features Daoke handsome, king of the air the whole person issued a Megatron world , while the handsome face of evilA look at this with a hint of worry.
Coach also found her quiet, his eyes looking at the same gaunt man child, two relatively little to say. I saw her face to one side to the east still, his mouth murmured Why did you put me strong * rape, but why does it have to save me, you go, I want to see you go away you wretch! out, I do not want to see you, whining.

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